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Horseback Riding

We offer weekly lessons as well as drop in rides trail and pony rides.
Woman with Horse

Our main goal along with our volunteers at the ranch is to rescue, rehab and retrain horses. We have all different breeds from many past situations. Once they are at our ranch, they are evaluated and retrained...or simply allowed to rest. Many of these horses stay with our program at the ranch and some go on to suitable homes. Part of their re-training is trail riding and riding lessons. When they are deemed safe and sound to take riders, they enjoy riding throughout the farm and onto trails.

The maintenance and daily care of horses is a huge expense.
We offer rides to offset these expenses and bring joy to our riders!

A $65 contribution will cover a visit from the farrier for healthy hoof care.
We will thank you with a 60 minute trail ride!
(and the horses will be grateful with happy hooves!)

A $45-$50 contribution will help cover grain for the horse for the week.
We will thank you with a 30 minute trail ride or 15 minute unicorn ride!
(and the horses will be delighted with their full bellies!)

A $15 contribution will help to cover the hay that all horses need.
(weather they roll in it or eat will certainly make them happy!)
We will thank you with a pony ride!

Want to volunteer at the ranch? 
We have plenty of work to ride options available!

Please choose which option you would like and book your ride below.
These are one time rides. For regular riding lessons, please scroll down for class schedules and enrollment)

  • Hand led ride 3 loops around the ring. Ages 8 and under


    15 min

    15 US dollars
  • Ages 6 and up suggested. In the ring or on a trail.


    30 min

    45 US dollars
  • Ages 8 and up suggested. In the ring or on a trail.

    Sat, Sun

    1 hr

    65 US dollars
  • 15 minute ride/photo opportunity

    50 US dollars

June Lesson Schedule

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