We offer horseback riding for all ages
From trail rides to lessons to fun filled night time bonfire rides, we've got something for everybody.
Riding is booked by time, regardless of the age of the riders.
Prices are in addition to admission ($10 per person-kids under 2 free) 
admission includes the petting zoo and picnic area.  Payment is cash only please.

We can ride in the ring, on the ranch trails...or even into the park across the street!
We also offer weekly riding lessons. No admission is required for weekly riders.

Junior Ride

Children ages 2 and up can ride a few loops in the ring.
All rides are hand led, and side walkers are provided for young or nervous riders.
$10/rider. (in addition to ranch admission) Cash only please.
No appointment necessary for junior rides. Walk right in!
We also offer lessons for toddler! See below for details.

toddler ride.jpg

Horseback Riding

Enjoy a scenic and leisurely ride in the ring, around the grounds of the ranch or even cross into the park for an adventure! (225lb. weight limit)
15 minutes $25. / 30 minutes $40. / 60 minutes $60.
Prices are in addition to ranch admission. Cash only please.
On-line booking is for groups up to 6 riders. For larger groups or special arrangements, please call.
This reservation type is for a one time ride. We also offer weekly lessons. See below for details.
  • Booking this service does not include required ranch admission of $10.

    Sat, Sun

    25 US dollars
  • Booking this service does not include ranch admission of $10.

    Sat, Sun

    40 US dollars
  • Booking this service does not include ranch admission of $10.

    Tue, Sat, Sun

    60 US dollars

Weekly Riding Lessons

Woman with Horse
Learn how to ride a horse! We specialize in beginners and timid riders. Here at the ranch we ride for fun and leisure. We do not teach competitive riding and we do not train for shows. It's never too late to learn how to ride a horse. It just might change your life!
*Weekly riders do not pay admission
Lessons can be in the ring, on the trails or even around the park! 
We try to keep it fun and interesting for everybody!
(including the horses!)
We also have horses for annual lease. Please inquire for details.
Ranch Waiver

Lessons are once weekly and booked a month at a time
Below you can find some of our available courses. If you do not see a convenient class to enroll in, please contact us for more information!